Top Social Media Tools That Will Instantly Increase Your Blog Traffic and Ranking

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Blogging has many branches, and I bet you already know that all of these branches take time to perfect, especially if you’re someone who values quality

The primary reason people succeed at internet marketing is that they have all of their tedious tasks systemized with tools.

Social media marketing, for example, takes up a hell of a lot of time. How can you possibly do all of it manually?

You need to be constantly sitting in front of your computer sharing posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You also need to be monitoring your mentions, comments, follows, and so on.

How do you manage all of this?

Luckily, nowadays, there are many tools on the internet that, once put in place, will take care of all those tedious social media tasks while tremendously boosting your social media engagement.

If you want to succeed at social media marketing, then pay attention to the 15 social media tools I’m about to unveil to you.


Do you really want to take your social media campaign to a greater height?

Then Buffer is the best way of achieving that dream.

Buffer enables you to schedule up to 2,000 social media posts using their Business Plan. You can access and analyze the activities generated by the posts you’ve made.

You also have the right to grant access to up to half a dozen members of your team or staff.

Buffer is seriously great and you should start using it right away.

Adobe Spark


Crowdfire is a unique tool that can help you increase your Twitter followers.

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It has features such as Keyword Follow and Copy Followers to assist in growing your followers using specific keywords.

It also has many other features that can help you effectively manage your Twitter account like unfollowing non-followers, identifying specific influences, and automated direct messaging to engage with new users. I have been using CrowdFire & SocialOomph to send DM to new followers.

Pinterest Analytics

Everyone loves to know how many people are pinning from their website, seeing their pins, and clicking their content.

With Pinterest Analytics, you can quickly see all of these stats. With metrics from your Pinterest profile, you can improve on how to create your pins and boards.

It also gives you an insight into how people are using the ‘Pin It’ button on your site to pin your content to Pinterest.

This tool also shows your highest-performing Pins of all time while giving you insight into the demographics of your Pinterest followers.

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